While both commercial and boutique gyms struggle to find solutions to keep their businesses up and running, it hasn’t been easy for private personal trainers either. We begin this three-part series, with private trainer Davin Choo, to find out how COVID-19 has affected his private training schedule and what steps the 25-year-old has taken to ensure that his business not only stays afloat during the pandemic, but also remains relevant once it’s all over.

Private trainer, Davin Choo, shares more about how COVID-19 has affected his training business. Photo: Davin Choo
Private trainer, Davin Choo, shares more about how COVID-19 has affected his training business. Photo: Davin Choo
How has COVID-19 affected your PT services?

Not by much at first. But since the circuit breaker was implemented, I’ve decided to pivot my services towards online platforms.

So many others have done the same. Has it been competitive?

On the contrary, I’ve garnered more clients due to the increased interest in home workouts. I was fortunate enough to have a headstart as I had been posting workout content frequently prior to the social distancing measures.

Have you done online coaching prior to COVID?

My online coaching consisted of planning workouts and nutrition plans prior to COVID. I felt that video-coaching fell in the awkward halfway point between personal training and online coaching. As most of my workouts involved weights, it wouldn’t make sense to have video-coaching before the suspension of gyms. But because of social distancing measures right now, this is the only way to go.

What are some of your concerns regarding online personal training?

That I’m not physically present to assist, spot and motivate my clients. I circumvent it by doing the exercises along with them. All is good so far.

Were there other tools you’ve used to ensure that your content is unique?

I have started to post content on how to make use of resistance bands and household items (like wooden poles and bags of rice) to have an effective home workout. I have also explored other channels such as YouTube (Train With Davin) to create follow-along workouts that my viewers can perform at home.

Are there any tips on how we can stay motivated to keep fit during this pandemic?

For those who are used to weight training at gyms, this is the best time to pick up new activities like yoga and calisthenics. They’re deceptively challenging.

Any last words before you sign off?

We should be willing to trade some of our freedom for the collective good of the public. People are still congregating in parks and fitness corners despite the advice of health professionals. Please don’t. Instead, be patient and stay strong, Singapore. We will make it if we cooperate. AM

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Syed Zulfadhli

Syed Zulfadhli knows a thing or two... thousand about skincare and grooming.

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