Christmas and New Year’s may just take up two days on the calendar but we all know that the celebrations could last for days. Merry-making is never complete without a good round of drinks – we go to a dinner party promising ourselves to stick to only 3 servings, only go home having the entire alcohol cabinet in our system and a pounding headache the morning after.

Peeling ourselves from the bed may seem like torture then, but with these simple (but very delectable) tried-and-tested hangover cures under our belt courtesy of these health Instagrammers, we really don’t mind getting out of bed for them. The best part is that there’s no hard and fast rule here – go with your gut to suit your taste and you’ll be back in good form in no time.

Asian Brown Rice Congee by @thedelicious

Why it’s awesome: While the brown rice congee not only rehydrates the body, its complex carbohydrates steadily refuels our fatigued selves so you don’t feel so sluggish. Chilli in kimchi will kickstart your metabolism, while its acidity will activate your digestive system for better digestion. To finish it off, a good soft-boiled egg will provide B-vitamins to get your re-energise our body while adding a some protein to stave off hunger.

Beef Broth Soup by @nomnompaleo

Why it’s awesome: You can’t go wrong with soup to cure a hangover – salt and water are key ingredients to rehydrate the body to relieve the body from alcohol-related aches and pains. Throw in a handful of vegetables – greens provide the body with magnesium for healthy cell function and carrots are a great source of vitamin A to nurse your liver back to good health. Beef doesn’t just add flavour to the soup – it also invigorates the body with proteins and vitamin B so you feel less lousy after a nice serving of this.

Spiced Eggs with Mashed Avocados on Toast by @thebodycoach

Why it’s awesome: First of all, it’s easy to make and easy to eat. Toasted bread is a good source of energy to wake the body up a little. Avocados provide fibre and healthy fats so you don’t feel so hungry, and its rich vitamin E and magnesium content will provide antioxidant benefits to cushion any alcohol-induced damage to your organs. Eggs, again, provide protein and B-vitamins to boost energy levels so you at least feel half alive instead of dying in bed.

Coconut Tortillas with King Salmon by @rachlmansfield

Why it’s awesome: We don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of salmon, and that’s great news because the fish doesn’t only provide proteins to repair damaged cells, it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that heals any inflammation due to alcohol-induced damage. Greens provide a multitude of antioxidant benefits with its supply of vitamins and minerals. Finally, the tortillas refuels the body to energise with its carb content so going through the day feels less like torture.

Coconut Yoghurt with Fresh Fruits and Muesli by @gatherandfeast

Why it’s awesome: Desserts in bed when you’re feeling like crap? Why not? Furthermore, the fresh fruits are an amazing source of antioxidants to reverse any damage, while the muesli provides energy and promotes healing with its high mineral content and complex carbohydrates. The coconut yoghurt is not just a delicious treat – it’s packed with probiotics to rid you from gastric bloat that normally comes after a night of drinking.

written by.
Syed Zulfadhli
Syed Zulfadhli knows a thing or two... thousand about skincare and grooming.

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