When it comes to working out, recovery is just as important as burning all those calories.

For active-types it goes without saying that relieving tight spots and muscle soreness after a workout is part and parcel of any physical activity. Rather than see a therapist, there is now an easier solution in the form of percussive massagers. The latest of which is the Hydragun.

A percussive massager or massage gun is essentially a high-tech recovery tool for athletes that uses percussive or vibration therapy to alleviate tight spots and sore muscles. Percussive therapy allows the user to focus on certain areas to alleviate pain and improve motion and flexibility. It not only helps encourage blood flow but also helps prevent lactic acid build-up.

The latest to arrive on the scene is the Hydragun. According to the brand, this innovative new massage gun was created to help people recover faster so they can perform at their best. Thus far it has delivered as advertise as the Hydragun massage guns are used by world class athletes as well as Olympic and World Champions.

Best In Class Specifications

What’s most appealing about the Hydragun is its light-weight and ergonomic design, which makes handling a breeze. Weighing just 1.04kg, it has the ideal weight and heft to deliver solid pressure. It’s ergonomic 99-degree handle is also easy and sturdy to grip, which will help prevent any wrist strain when in use.

Built with practical and premium materials including an aerospace-grade aluminium exterior, the Hydragun arrives wrapped in a cushy, sweat-proof nano silicone grip. Together, these elements help dissipate heat as well as noise and vibration, ensuring ease and comfort whilst the Hydragun is being put to work.

Using this massage gun is easy as taking it out of the box and switching it on. The Hydragun utilises a powerful, quiet brushless motor with six speeds that go from comfortable to intense. Its range is ample to cater to the demands of casual athletes as well as power lifters and pros.

Despite it running at relatively quiet 30-50dB, this nifty handheld massager offers 12mm amplitude for a penetrating deep-tissue massage. It also boasts 40lbs stall force to treat tighter areas. Last but not least, the Hydragun has a battery life of between three to six hours plus (depending on use), which is double what most other massage guns are able to deliver.

Built For Modern Athletes

We’re sold on the Hydragun’s elegant and minimalist design but also on its ease-of-use. The device ships with six attachments to soothe away aches and sore muscles. Additionally, the Hydragun and its attachments (minus the ball head) are also easily and fully-sanitizable using standard alcohol wipes. Certainly important factors in this current day and age.

It’s also silent enough to use while watching TV, a feature Forbes took note off when it named the device the “Quietest Massage Gun” in its recent list. The lower noise factor is not just for quiet convenience but is also a sign of how efficiently the device is working. With lower noise levels it indicates less friction on the motor, which results in reduce wear and tear.

With its positive attributes, it’s easy enough to see why the Hydragun has become the ‘go-to’ device for athletes such as discus throwing Olympian, Matthew Denny, and Tokyo 2020 Olympic swimmer and silver medallist Siobhan Haughey.

hydragun massager

Both athletes admit that the device offers a quick and easy way to release muscle tensions. Plus its easy and lightweight enough to carry it around with them. It’s also a sentiment shared by ONE Women’s Atomweight Champion Angela Lee Pucci.

“As a professional athlete training numerous hours, every day of the week, recovery is the most important aspect of my training regime. Hydragun makes my recovery easy, portable and accessible.”

With what it offers, the benefits of the Hydragun will no doubt serve the needs of active individuals as well as athletes of all levels. It is also relatively affordable at S$399, which is good value considering it helps maximise your recovery time so you can work out more efficiently.

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