According to a report published by global fitness tech company Jawbone late last year, Singaporeans are apparently the third most sleep deprived people in the world. Now, that isn’t much of a surprise, seeing how many of us are constantly working late nights or plugged in way past our bedtimes. After all, numerous studies have shown that smartphones and tablets keep you awake at night due to the blue light these devices emit. “One of the best biological cues we have to what time of day is light and it turns out that blue light in particular is very effective for basically predicting when morning is,” sleep researcher and professor Brian Zoltowski said.

But, this phenomenon isn’t just confined to Singapore. Residents in developed countries all over the world are regularly exposed to the blue light from mobile devices before they hit the hay. So, what exactly is keeping folks all over this island up?

A separate sleep survey conducted by research firm 2CV and commissioned by Courts discovered that 64 per cent regularly experienced a tad of insomnia, staying awake until exhaustion finally shuts their eyes. The sleepless respondents attributed the constant tossing and turning to three main reasons – stress from work or personal reasons, uncomfortable room temperature and physical pain or discomfort.

Many also take cat naps while on the commute to work in a valiant attempt to catch up on sleep while 1 in 2 people think they can catch up on sleep during the weekends (we know how that always turns out).

Here are a couple more interesting statistics about our sleeping habits.

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