The pandemic has caused numerous disruptions to industries. One of the many that has been affected is fitness. With social distancing and lockdowns happening across the globe, many have shifted towards interactive workouts. The CRU TV Bike is the perfect example of this paradigm shift.

Created by CRU, the fitness company led by siblings Valerie, Calvin and Bebe Ding, the CRU TV Bike is more than just a workout machine but rather an immersive, interactive fitness experience. The concept was born from numerous requests by members of CRU, many of whom wanted a virtual and accessible fitness program to continue their fitness journey anytime and anywhere.

After nearly a year of product development and refinement, the CRU TV Bike was born.

Pedal Your Way To Fitness

Cru TV Bike
The CRU TV Bike

Designed to offer busy go-getters convenience and control over their fitness journey, development of the CRU TV Bike and the CRU TV platform was accelerated as a result of the pandemic. Taking ‘work-out from home’ to new interactive levels, the bike, which is priced at S$3800 includes everything you need right out of the box.

Included is a CRU Bike Mat, a set of weights as well as a 12-month subscription to CRU’s proprietary in-house, on-demand fitness content. The bike itself provides everything one would need to embark on an effective hybrid fitness routine.

cru tv platform
The CRU TV platform also features boxing, yoga, HIIT, meditation classes and more

Conveniently sized, at only 158cm long and 56cm wide with an all-metal frame, the bike has been designed to fit into even the smallest of locations within a home while still delivering an outsized experience. The CRU TV Bike boasts magnetic resistance modulation and a carbon fibre belt wheel. It features a 12.5-inch HD screen as well as sensors to monitor and record workout stats in real time.

The data will allow users to track and benchmark their performance for improvement. Via the CRU TV App, which features a library of fitness content, users can participate in live and pre-recorded online classes. New classes are added weekly, ensuring that the fitness journey is kept fresh and exciting.

cru tv bike platform
New classes added weekly, tailored to every workout style

In addition to the cycling content, the CRU TV Platform also features boxing, yoga, HIIT, meditation and more. All users need to do is flip the screen 180 degrees and tap into the expansive variety of fitness classes available. Users can also utilise the fitness content via the app or online via the official website.

(Images: CRU)

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The CRU TV Bike And Fitness Platform Brings Interactive Fitness To A New Level
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