You can be the strongest person on earth. You can run hundreds of kilometres in a record-setting pace. But if your body lacks flexibility, it will eventually break down due to the physical punishment, just like a car that doesn’t go for regular servicing.

Fitness First recently revamped its Capital Tower outlet and added six new and specialised freestyle group training classes focusing on the body’s natural movements. Instead of just pumping iron across two dimensions, the classes engage your body in a variety of planes.

One of the classes that we highly recommend are its Mobile sessions, designed to access trigger points and deeper muscle layers with a combination of athletic stretches using rollers, self-myofascial release methods and breathing techniques.

We got Fitness First trainer Nuno to show us two self-myofascial release exercises that are taught during the class.


  • Place foam roller on the ground.
  • Start by lying on your side with your body positioned at an approximate 45° angle, with one leg on top of the foam roller and the opposite foot on the ground to support your body weight. Make sure you angle yourself so that the foam roller hits the soft muscle tissue, as a common mistake with this exercise is that people tend to lie completely on their side and miss the muscle.
  • Prop yourself up with your arms and from just above the kneecap, start rolling gently back and forth no more than the width of 2-3 fingertips. Roll about 6-8 short strokes, working your way up to your hips bit by bit about the size of the palm of your hand. Make sure you keep yourself stabilised throughout the whole exercise and breathe constantly. Repeat on the other leg.


  • Position the foam roller under your shoulder blades.
  • Set your hands behind your head and keep your head in a neutral position – do not tuck your chin in or get your head out of alignment.
  • Lifting your hips, slowly and gently roll back and forth.
  • Focus on slow movements and your breathing.
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