With mental health care so easily accessible to everyone through technology, there’s no excuse not to prioritise it — especially right now.

We’ve previously seen how Apple’s latest update to the watchOS 8 focuses on mindfulness and taking time for yourself. With the slogan for this year’s World Mental Health Day being, “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality,” Apple has also a curation of apps available on their App Store that’s aimed to give everybody the ease of access when it comes to taking care of their mental health.

After months of sluggishness brought on by lockdown upon lockdown, it’s always good to check in with yourself on how you’re doing. From taking a moment to unwind to practising your breathing and meditation, Apple has a range of apps that’s best suited to every method of improving yourself mentally. Check out these iOS apps below, available via the App Store.

(Featured image by Madison Inouye from Pexels)


Intellect App

Motivated by his own experience with anxiety, Singaporean entrepreneur Theodoric Chew came up with Intellect, an app that addresses mental health, which in itself can often be a taboo subject in Asia. The app takes an uncomplicated approach to mental wellness, encouraging you to make small behavioural changes to manage your emotions better and be more in tune with yourself. Sometimes all it takes is that one small step, so Intellect is definitely recommended for those who are only beginning to venture into their personal mental health journey.

Intellect is compatible with iOS. Download it here.


Journey App

Journey is another Singapore-made app, which is more focused on helping you see the bigger picture. With so much happening around us all the time, the app allows you to step back from your surroundings and highlight the moments that impacted you, letting you look back into your memories on a specific moment or day in your life. Journey also has additional features like a Journal coach, Photography challenges, inspirational quotes, and a “Hello, Blank Page” daily prompt to help you get started with your journaling habit.

Journey is compatible with iOS, iPad OS and macOS. Download it here.


MindFi App

A science-based mental wellness coach, MindFi is designed to help you build sustainable habits while improving and monitoring your wellbeing. Founded by entrepreneur Bjorn Lee, the app creation stemmed from his own journey with meditation, which he started practising as a means of managing stress. MindFi is your ultimate guide to beginning your meditation journey, and includes animated breathing exercises, guided meditations and even curated videos by coaches and experts.

MindFi is compatible with iOS. Download it here.

Breathe In: Meditation & Sleep

Breathe In Meditation and Sleep App

If you’re feeling overwhelmed from endless work projects, household chores, and just life in general — it’s time to stop and breathe. Wellness coach Karen Heshusius created Breathe In to help people handle breathing and stay in control, which is often the best way to take control of the situation when we can’t control the outside world. The app features various breathing exercises to help you regain control of your day such as a 4-6 sequence, which helps to slow down your heart rate and relieve tension from your body.

Breathe In is compatible with iOS, iPad OS and macOS. Download it here.

Wakeout! Move and Smile

Wakeout Move and Smile App

You’ve heard the saying that sometimes the simple act of smiling can trigger positive feelings, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Studies have shown that physical activity releases endorphins in your body, which is one of the four specific groups of hormones that trigger happiness. Founders Andres Canella and Pedro Wunderlich aim to make the world a happier place through movement, trying out exercises with pretty much anything they can find at home. Wakeout! features a number of amusing, easy-to-follow physical activities, letting you enjoy the process of moving your body throughout the day. For example, with the “Coffee Inhales” exercise, all you need is a cup of coffee and bring it to your nose, then inhale the delicious coffee aromas.

Wakeout! is compatible with iOS, iPad OS, macOS and watchOS. Download it here.

This story first appeared in Lifestyle Asia KL

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