With World Mental Health Day approaching, here are some tips to look after your mental well-being.

Although things are easing, our mental well-being may still be slightly affected at best. And for those who continue to be under lockdown, here are some ways to help cope.

The pandemic has made the past 15-16 months difficult for many of us. Amid tight work-from-home schedules and not being able to meet family members, friends and other loved ones, the feeling of alienation has given way to stress and depression. 

Moreover, some unwelcome changes, especially when they are unexpected, have left us with fear and uncertainty. COVID-19 has changed the way we travel, work, interact and relax — anything and everything that brought home comfort. Research, too, seems to buttress this — the ongoing pandemic has caused people to experience a host of mental health issues like stress, depression, anxiety and panic.

But, there are some simple ways that can help you stay calm during these days. Here are a few habits, like incorporating exercises in your routine and journaling from time to time, that will help you stay focused and keep your spirits high in this neoteric life.

Make a schedule, and stick tit

Mental well-being
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Feeling lost and directionless is most common among people these days. Charting out a routine will ensure that you get up with a purpose every day and move forward smoothly. Studies have also emphasised the importance of making and following a routineOne also derives a sense of control and feels productive when they know what tasks they are supposed to accomplish on a particular day. So, pamper yourself in the shower, take out your favourite pair of pyjamas and start your day

Time for a digital detox

Mental well-being
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Try to disconnect yourself from social media and gadgets once in a while, especially stop mindlessly scrolling when you are trying to relax. A digital detox helps improve sleep and attention span, while also giving some much-needed rest to your eyes. Moreover, research has also found that people who don’t use social media often have lower symptoms of depression and anxiety.  

Exercise for those happy hormones

Mental well-being
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Want to feel energetic and happy throughout the day? Try to inculcate exercising in your daily routine. Start small, with 5-10minute sessions. The advantagestudy published in the journal Maturitas said that workouts help release neurochemicals like endorphins, serotonin and norepinephrine, which ensure positive mood and reduce stress. Choose any form of physical activity — yoga, aerobics, dancing or HIIT — and practise it regularlyYou can also kick off your workout routine with a short meditation session.

Find time for those you love

Find time for those you love
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An 80-year-long research from Harvard reports that connecting with people is not only one of our basic psychological needs but also a crucial determinant of our wellbeingTry checking up on your friends and family once in a while via texts, calls or video calls. It feels good to listen to and be able to share your feelings with someone you trust.


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Try to practice gratitude, even if it is for the simplest of things in your life. An American Psychological Association research proves that writing even five things you are grateful about once a week has the power to greatly enhance your mood and mental health for the good.  

Time to learn a new skill

Time to learn a new skill
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Planning to learn how to strum a guitar like a pro? If your answer is yes, then now is the time. What’s better than experiencing the joy of learning something new or creating art that’s your own. Learn a new language, bake scrumptious delicacies or start writing a book – choose whatever makes your heart fill with joy and boosts your mental well-being.

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It was while pursuing her degree in computer applications, when Priyanka decided to set her sights on content writing (talking about realisation and serendipity). In her spare time, she is either found immersed in books or movies. 

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