The idea of ageing has shifted. And I don’t say this because I am in denial or suffer a Peter Pan syndrome. Science has long pointed out that to remain vital and youthful, we need to maintain our bodies at prime health. The same applies to our skin, the body’s largest organ. And ageing, or rather not ageing, has come within our control via making lifestyle decisions that improve overall health. Put simply: if you want good skin you need to kick those unhealthy habits.

While that sounds utterly boring for anyone who subscribes to the Hunter S Thompson code of riding life to the max — skidding in broadside, thoroughly used up and worn out — technology is making it possible for folks to have their cake and eat it too. Advancements in non-invasive skin care technology are giving doctors powerful tools with which to help their patients  achieve optimum skin health without forgoing a thrilling life on the edge and out in the sun, along with nasty diet and lifestyle habits.

Reaping Benefits From The Best Technologies
I got to learn more about this during a chat with Dr Ram Nath of The Wellness Clinic. Dr Nath was telling me more about The Wellness Clinic’s signature Dual Plane™ Facelift, which is a unique combination treatment designed to target the same tissue plane as a surgical face lift and simultaneously restore elasticity to the superficial skin structure by combining deep tissue plane tightening with Ultherapy® and upper skin structure tightening with Thermage™.

Thermage has been around since 2002, and uses patented, FDA cleared RF radio frequency technology. The latest generation of Thermage is even more effective at delivering heat deep into the skin to rejuvenate existing collagen and stimulate new collagen growth, resulting in a face and neck that look and feel noticeably smoother and tighter.

Ultherapy emerged on the scene a little later than Thermage, in 2009, and is different in that it uses ultrasound technology. It is currently the only non-invasive device that allows doctors to see where they’re treating, making it ideal for precise deep tissue tightening and lifting.

Dr Nath explained how Thermage and Ultherapy complement each other in The Wellness Clinic’s Dual Plane™ Facelift. By combining the most advanced RF radio frequency and ultrasound technologies, he is able to treat the skin concerns of his patients, both men and women, from the inside out and the outside in.

The Experience
I like how Dr Nath patiently answered every question I had about the treatment, not least of all the pain factor. A general concern for both of these treatments has been the experience of pain. While some doctors adjust the dosage levels down to accommodate a patient’s pain threshold, Dr Nath prefers to manage the patient’s experience of pain so as not to compromise on the efficacy of the treatment. This also means patients don’t need to make repeat appointments for treatment to achieve the results they desire, which really works out in terms of saving time and finances.

I didn’t feel an iota of pain throughout the Dual Plane™ Facelift treatment, thanks to  intravenously administered painkillers, nor did I experience blotchiness common in such treatments. I did feel mild soreness for about 10 days post treatment, and some stiffness and lumpiness for three weeks or so. But once past that, I could see how my skin is lifted, especially under my chin, and even my muscle tone is improved. Pores are reduced and refined and visible lines on the forehead and laugh lines around the eyes are also reduced. I generally take good care of my skin  but the Dual Plane™ Facelift treatment certainly addressed an area where no amount of creams, serums and masks can: under the chin.  Suffice to say, everyone, and I mean everyone, thinks I am lying when I tell them I am 55.

The Wellness Clinic is at 501 Orchard Road #04-01 Wheelock Place, tel. 6732 0812.
[Cover Photo by Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash]
written by.

Juliana Chan

Sub Editor
Rethinking Ageing
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