It’s happened again! A decade after Paul the Octopus took the world by storm by accurately predicting the results of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, another animal seems to have been blessed with the ability to accurately prophesize the results of football matches. A Japanese otter has created quite the stir after he correctly predicted the upset win by Japan against Germany in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Who is the Japanese otter and where does he reside?

The otter, who is named Taiyō, is eight years old and resides at the Maxwell Aqua Park Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan. A Twitter user by the name of @PopulismUpdates uploaded a video of the otter making the correct prediction. The tweet has gone viral and has amassed more than 7000 retweets and almost 100000 likes.

While it can be argued that Taiyō might have been biased in favour of his national team, it’s doubtful that the otter made his prediction on the basis of national pride alone. The adorable animal has certainly become the internet’s favourite, with many netizens waiting to see which teams he predicts in future fixtures.

Where is the 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place?


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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is taking place in Qatar and and has already created a lot of memorable moments. From the spectacular opening ceremony that featured a surprising cameo from Morgan Freeman and a spirited performance from BTS member Jungkook, to thrilling matches that include stunning upsets like the aforementioned one by Japan, the world cup is living up to all of our high expectations.

(Main and feature picture: Courtesy Twitter/@PopulismUpdates/video screengrab)


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