As the saying goes, new year, new name, new expensive banner for the name change. Bangsue Grand Station unveiled a THB 33 million banner for their station, so we asked ourselves, what else could we get for that amount?

It’s official news that the iconic Bangsue Grand Station is getting its ceremonial name “Krungthep Apiwat Station” to be used formally. Naturally, the people of Thailand totally understand why the name has to be changed, as well as the importance of changing the name that has been used and known for so long.

So of course, when it was announced that the banner—just the banner—is costing the government THB 33 million, we feel all the feelings for our taxes being used in the right manner and felt all the blessings that come with a ceremonial name, whatever the name means.

Let’s see how THB 33 million could have been spent if it weren’t put into the Bangsue Station banner for a single name change.

Besides the Bangsue Station banner, things we could have got for THB 33 million

Image credit: ray rui/Unsplash

Treatment for 390 breast cancer patients

Research shows that breast cancer is one of the most prominent among Thai cancer patients. An average of 22,158 new patients emerge annually, and 8,266 pass away annually. Many campaigns have been made in an attempt to raise awareness about the issue, and a lot of money has been put into research and development. However, it’s most likely not going away in a year or two.

We know the cost of treating cancer isn’t low. According to Chula Cancer, THB 84,500 would pay for 25 rounds of radiation treatments, as well as other costs that come with the package.

While it wouldn’t guarantee that every single patient will be cured and dandy since it’s case by case, every single treatment counts. If the treatment doesn’t cure the patient, at least it will prolong the lives of the patients, enabling them to stay with their loved ones for a while longer.

Image credit: Dom Fou/Unsplash

Bachelor degrees (eight semesters) for 198 students

In Asian countries, we are asked questions about our studies and academic journey every time we sit at a dinner table, or go to a family reunion. We are expected to pursue higher education, hold a stable job, get a family, rinse and repeat for future generations.

Chulalongkorn is named one of the most prestigious universities in Thailand, surely one of which your parents can brag about if you get in. THB 168,000 will get you through eight semesters (four years) of pursuing higher education, which is required for many occupations you can apply for.

That’s only the price for faculties such as medicine, science, engineering, and others along this line of education. But if you’re gunning for arts, accounting, law, and the likes, the price goes down to THB 136,000. That also means THB 33 million would pay for 242 students,

Plus, if you’re not in Chula, the price could be lowered down even more, which means the THB 33 million would be helping a lot more students graduate from higher education.

Image credit: Fred Moon/Unsplash

1,650,000 air-conditioned bus rides

When travelling to work, many cannot afford the privilege of skytrain rides. As you’re making your way around town, you can see people waiting for the bus—many for half an hour, or even an hour, depending on the traffic and the number of people. While the costs vary depending on the kind of bus and the route you take, a ride on an air-conditioned bus will cost you around THB 20.

Some opt for the THB 10 option, which lets you ride on a quite rundown, non-air-conditioned bus that they never replaced with newer models yet for some reason.

Image credit: SQ He/Unsplash

Roughly 330 street lamps

Street lamps are tough to estimate, as they factor in many things. The base, the cement, the frames, the wires—all of those and more can cost the local organisations THB 100,000 upwards per street lamp to build.

Don’t think 330 is a small number. Street lamps contribute to lowering car accidents, making us feel safer as we walk through the streets, and lowering the crime rate in illuminated areas. Imagine how many streets 330 lamps can light up, and allow us to feel more peace of mind as we’re traversing those streets.

Image credit: Rainier Ridao/Unsplash

16,755 kilograms of baby formula

Raising a baby costs a lot, that’s just a fact. Especially during the early stages, babies require a lot of care and attention, as well as the attentiveness that goes into what the baby eats in a day.

According to the NHS, most babies need around 150-200ml per kilo of their weight per day until they’re six months old. That’s a lot of formula you need, and a lot of costs to have especially during times of financial instability.

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