From playing Yelena Belova in Black Widow to Amy March in Little Women, British actor Florence Pugh has a rich tapestry of credits to her name. With The Wonder movie, we see Pugh playing an English nurse in this period drama which will make you question a multitude of things. There’s but a thin line between faith and truth and it’s blurry. Pugh’s character Lib traces this journey and tries to reach a climax. Netizens are already hooked to this psychological thriller drama streaming on Netflix and we’re wondering what the The Wonder movie reviews will be like in the time to come. Will it set another record for Netflix?

If you’re thinking it’s anything like The Good Nurse, which released on Netflix sometime back since Pugh’s character is that of a nurse, then you are highly mistaken. This period drama is anything but like that. The film’s trailer begins on a voice note telling ‘It’s not your job to question us. You are here only to watch’. The menacing way the voice already states the job our protagonist she has at her hands, sets the tone for the film.


The Wonder: What’s the film about?

Set in Ireland, the film charts its course to the Great Famine and follows English nurse Lib (played by Florence Pugh), who has quite an eccentric task at hand. She is to observe an 11-year-old girl named Anna who claims to be surviving on ‘Manna from heaven’. The girl has not eaten anything in four months and says she feels full. While people from the local community deem Anna as a miracle, Lib refuses to believe the same as she puts her medical practices and theories to set. Both Lib and another nun observe Anna for eight hours a day alternately, to examine Anna’s claim. But here’s the catch, both cannot confer among themselves.

Chaos disrupts within the locals and Lib as she tries to unravel the mystery between this prolonged fasting.

The Wonder: Is the film based on a true story?

The Wonder movie review

Based on Emma Donoghue’s novel of the same name, The Wonder movie is about an 11-year-old girl named Anna who miraculously survived without food for months. However, to say that the film and the book is based on a true story won’t be entirely correct. It is although inspired from a series of phenomena called ‘the fasting girl’ that’s supposedly occurred during the 1500s. Donoghue’s novel is a coalescence of this phenomena that took place in the Victorian era.

Intriguing? Well, it only got started. Tune into Netflix this weekend and watch this insanely good thriller film. The Wonder movie reviews are only going to get better, at least that’s what we think for now.

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The Wonder: Netflix’s Gripping Period Drama Is A Showcase For Florence Pugh