It’s the most auspicious time for Hollywood, and no, we’re not talking about the Oscars. These are the winners of the 2023 Razzies.

Every year, the film industry gathers to recognise and celebrate the best actors and films of the past year. No, not the Oscars; we’re talking about the Golden Raspberry Awards. Sorry, when we said “best”, we meant to say “worst”.

For the past years, the Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies, has been giving out awards for the worst performances and films. What originally started as a joke has now become an accolade (if you can call it that) worthy of being noted on a film’s list of awards. Like every year, the Razzie “winners” were announced a day before the Oscars, and we have the full list of the ones who got to take home (or get sent) a gold spraypainted raspberry. 

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The Razzies: its origins and its 2023 “winners”

First thing’s first: what are the Razzies?

The Golden Raspberry Awards was started by John J. B. Wilson and Mo Murphy, both of whom have worked in the film industry and also graduated from UCLA studying film. Wilson, who regularly held a potluck on the night the Academy Awards were aired, had a novel idea. In 1981, after the 53rd Oscars concluded, Wilson handed out ballots to his friends to determine what was the worst film of the year and later announced the “winner” behind a cardboard lectern. The event, despite being a joke and on-the-fly, was actually covered by the news.

The next year, attendance doubled. By the fourth year, CNN was covering the event. Now, the Razzies, boasting a membership of 650 members in 19 countries from around the globe, is known as the authority on the worst of the worst in Hollywood. Some of their notable “winners” include eight-time Oscar winner Alan Menken, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Halle Berry.

The “winners” of the 2023 Razzies

Here’s the full list of winners for this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards.

Worst picture – Blonde

Blonde. Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. Cr. Netflix © 2022

Netflix’s controversial Marilyn Monroe “biopic” Blonde took home the auspicious recognition of Worst Picture, beating other films like Morbius and Disney’s Pinnochio. The twist, however, is that Ana de Armas, the lead in the movie whose performance was lauded despite the film’s negative reviews, wasn’t nominated for Worst Actress. 

Worst director – Machine Gun Kelly, Good Mourning

Image credit: Open Road

Yep, that Machine Gun Kelly (I mean, there isn’t another one, is there?). Apparently, he directed a movie called Good Mourning, a stoner film where he played a character called London Clash. Yeah, it makes sense now why he won.

Worst Actor – Jared Leto, Morbius

Image credit: Sony

Perhaps Jared Leto morbed too hard. Perhaps he didn’t morb hard enough. Whatever the case, this Razzie is well-deserved. I’m sure Jared will have his chance to morb again soon.

Worst Actress – The Razzies

Image credit: Razzies

True to their principle of owning their bad, the awards show decided to give the accolade to themselves after their “worst actress blunder”. They faced backlash after naming 12-year-old actress Ryan Kiera Armstrong, from the film Firestarter, one of the nominees. They’ve then announced that no one under 18 years old will be nominated in the future.

Worst Supporting Actor – Tom Hanks, Elvis

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Everyone loves Tom Hanks, but even the greats miss the mark sometimes, and that’s what the Razzies are all about anyway. While many loved Elvis, Tom Hank’s portrayal of Colonel Tom Parker is, well, interesting, at the very least.

Worst Supporting Actress – Adria Arjona, Morbius

Image credit: Sony

Again, perhaps she morbed too hard or didn’t morb hard enough. 

Worst Screen Combo – Tom Hanks and his latex-laden face (and that ludicrous accent), Elvis

Image credit: Warner Bros.

This award is pretty straightforward and is yet another well-deserved “accolade”.

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel – Disney’s Pinnochio

Image credit: Disney

Tom Hanks can’t seem to catch a break. The live-action version of the Disney classic pretty much came and went without any acknowledgement. It may just fall into obscurity, which is probably where Disney wants it to go anyway.

Worst Screenplay – Andrew Dominik, Blonde

Image credit: Netflix

I’ve made my qualms about Blonde clear in my review when it came out so I’m really not surprised about this award. 

Razzie Redeemer Award – Colin Farrell, Banshees of Inisherin

Image credit: Searchlight Pictures

Colin Farrell was nominated for Worst Actor in 2004 for Alexander, a biopic which at the time, they thought was a strong Oscar contender. Instead, it was a weird menagerie of stuff featuring a blond Farrell. He talked about the experience in a roundtable but has since risen from the blond ashes to deliver a performance in Banshees on Inisherin that has been widely lauded and earned him an Academy Award nomination.

Watch the announcement of all the winners below –

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