Does AI know the Bangkok dining scene better than we do? Dining guide Top25 Restaurants Bangkok unveiled its 2023 list, all chosen with the help of the power of AI.

Top25 Restaurants uses a patented system called the “Restaurant Rating Index,” describing itself as an “objective curation and measuring standard based on artificial intelligence and enhanced by professional discernment.” Apart from Bangkok, TravelIndex also publishes TOP25 Restaurants in Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Delhi.

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An AI has devised its own ‘Top25 Restaurants in Bangkok’

Key indicators used for determining the spots of the best restaurants in Bangkok include quality of food, ambience, comfort, and cost-efficiency, among other factors. Still, in order for the restaurant to rank, social indicators are also brought into consideration, such as online presence, social markers, online footprint, media engagement, and reviews.

This is very interesting criteria, for sure, as it could mean that restaurants without a “good enough” social media presence could get knocked down, or that there could be cases of restaurants receiving praises just for their good social media engagement.

In the statement provided by TravelIndex, in addition to the AI-curated content, it is also “enhanced by professional discernment,” though it is unknown to what extent.

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Topping the Top25 Restaurants list for Bangkok is Southern Thai destination Sorn, followed closely by French fine dining spot Chef’s Table and experimental European restaurant Mezzaluna. The list also includes internationally-renowned hard-hitters within the food industry, including Savelburg, Côte by Mauro Colagreco, and Potong ranking at no. 3-5 respectively. A lot of newly-opened dining destinations also made appearances on the list, such as Juksunchae and Maison Dunand.

Award winners included in the Top25 Restaurants list are also awarded with a trophy engraved with the restaurant name and rank.

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Here is the full list of the Top25 Restaurants 2023 list:

  1. Sorn, Southern Thai Cuisine
  2. Chef’s Table, French Fine Dining, and Mezzaluna, Experiential European
  3. Savelberg, French Fine Dining
  4. Côte by Mauro Colagreco, Innovative French
  5. Potong, Progressive Thai-Chinese
  6. Le Du, Modern Thai
  7. Gaa, Progressive Indian
  8. R-Haan, Royal Thai
  9. Baan Tepa, Modern Thai
  10. Sühring, Modern German
  11. IGNIV, Progressive European
  12. Blue by A. Ducasse, Classic French
  13. Aksorn by David Thompson, Traditional Thai
  14. Le Normandie by Alain Roux, French Fine Dining
  15. Sushi Masato, Omakase
  16. Signature, Floral Cuisine
  17. Yu Ting Yuan, Cantonese
  18. Maison Dunand, French Contemporary
  19. Elements, Modern French
  20. Vilas, Classic Thai
  21. La Scala, Italian Fine Dining
  22. Juksunchae, Modern Korean
  23. Resonance, Boundless Cuisine
  24. Wang Hinghoi, Deconstructed Thai
  25. Keller, Contemporary European

Congratulations to the winners!

You can find more information at Top25 Restaurants.

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