Did you love watching Brue Lee films growing up? If so, there’s some exciting news for you. A new anime inspired by the iconic martial artist is in the works. This is also fitting considering this month mark’s the 50th anniversary of Lee’s masterpiece Enter the Dragon. The new anime, titled House of Lee, was introduced by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee.

This collaborative project involves Bruce Lee Entertainment, the content platform Shibuya and the artistic contribution of co-founder Emily Yang. The series draws inspiration from Bruce Lee’s iconic legacy and will blend martial arts techniques with a creative storyline. Shannon Lee’s involvement reflects her dedication to preserving her father’s legacy while exploring innovative mediums like anime to bring her father’s iconic influence to new audiences.

What is the plot of the upcoming ‘House of Lee’ anime series?

Bruce Lee Anime
Image credit: IMDb/Enter The Dragon

House of Lee will be an action-packed fantasy series which will feature Bruce Lee gathering his Dragon Warriors before the world turns into obscurity and darkness. The series draws its essence from the following quote by Lee, “Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.”

Bruce Lee Entertainment, the company responsible for the productions and creative properties associated with the Bruce Lee Family Companies, had been planning to develop an animated project featuring Bruce Lee for a while now. Additionally, Shannon Lee’s personal experiences ultimately ignited the inspiration for House of Lee.

In an interview with Deadline, she revealed, “Anime is an amazing medium for telling a truly creative story where Bruce Lee can be Bruce Lee. I’m so excited for the possibilities for action, fantasy, history, culture, and creativity within this medium.”

When is the Bruce Lee-inspired ‘House of Lee’ anime releasing?

Bruce Lee Anime
Image credit: House Of Lee trailer

The Bruce Lee-inspired anime series, House of Lee, is set to premiere sometime in 2024.

Check out the trailer below. 

(Hero and feature image credits: Courtesy IMDb/ House Of Lee)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-When is the House of Lee anime series releasing?
House of Lee is set to release in 2024. However, as of August 2023, no date has been announced.

-What is the plot for the Bruce Lee anime series?
House of Lee will see Bruce Lee gathering his Dragon Warriors before the world turns into obscurity and darkness.
-Is the trailer out for the Bruce Lee anime series?
Yes, the trailer for the Bruce Lee anime series is out.
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‘House Of Lee’: What We Know About The Bruce Lee-Inspired Anime Series