In yet another blow to audiences, Disney+ Hotstar announced that they would be raising their subscription prices here in Thailand.

Just last week, Netflix announced the arrival of the infamous change to their password sharing policies in Thailand. If that wasn’t already traumatising enough for subscribers, Disney+ Hotstar is announcing a hike in their prices. The home of Marvel, Star Wars, and of course, Disney here in Thailand revealed that starting at the end of June, new prices will be implemented—and it’s a pretty significant hike.

The new prices for Disney+ Hotstar subscribers in Thailand

Image credit: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

It’s been almost two years since Disney+ Hotstar arrived in Thailand, bringing a plethora of content to audience’s fingertips who were already drowning in other titles thanks to other subscription services. Of course, Disney+’s selling point was that it would have all of the franchises under the Mouse’s umbrella. Star Wars fan? Enjoy all nine films and spin-offs. Disney kid? Watch all the classic 90’s Disney films. Marvel fangirl? Now you’ve got the entire MCU.

On top of that, Disney+ Hotstar also gave Thailand access to Disney+ original shows like Hawkeye and Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. And because the streaming service here in Thailand is not just strictly Disney+, it also came with content from Hulu like What We Do in the Shadows. 

When it launched in June of 2021, the service cost THB 799 annually with a special offer for AIS subscribers of THB 39 a month if they signed up early. On its upcoming third year, Disney+ Hotstar announced two new subscription tiers.

The mobile plan costs the same: THB 799 per year or THB 99 if you choose to pay monthly. However, the plan is limited to streaming only on one device and only on phones or tablets, as its name suggests. The maximum resolution for this plan is 720p. 

The premium plan, which used to have the mobile plan’s price, now costs THB 289 per month or THB 2,290 annually. Up to four devices, including TVs, can stream at the same time, with 4K resolution.

For current subscribers of the annual plan, Disney+ Hotstar said that the change will be implemented in the next billing cycle. 

You can find all the info and other FAQs about the new subscription prices in Disney+ Hotstar’s helpdesk.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok