Garnering a lot of international attention, Man Suang, a mystery-drama film from Thailand, made a prominent debut at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival — but not without some controversy.

Man Suang is a Thai film by Be On Cloud studio that has released an exclusive teaser and poster at the Cannes Film Festival this year, inflicting an impressive wave of public attention amongst the media.

[Hero and featured image credit: @beoncloud_th/Twitter]

An intriguing shift from his past work, which was centred more around romantic boy’s love drama series, the director and company owner Kritsada Witthayakhajondet proudly presents a story that dates back 173 years ago to the reign of King Rama III in Thailand. Amid the setting of an upbeat opium den with Thai Khon art at its centre, there are conflicts of power, violence, betrayal, secrets, lies, survival, and death all hiding behind the curtains. Portrayed by the two rising stars from Kinn Porsche The Series, Apo Nattawin and Mile Phakphum, the film is deemed to attract a large audience around Asia.

Man Suang is not yet released in Thailand but is expected to come out very soon.

Be On Cloud Controversy

In January 2023, Be On Cloud was previously engaged in a controversy when one of the company’s actors, Biw Chakphan, was allegedly acting abusive towards his girlfriend. The news as well as the response from company owner Kritsada caused a public stir and the hashtag #BoycottBOC went viral on Thailand Twitter. However, the case was recently resolved when the couple came out and explained the misunderstanding to the public on May 9, 2023.

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