When it comes to movies, they can broadly be categorized into a few genres  – rom-coms, action films, thrillers, etc. However, there exists another genre of films that, over the years, has become synonymous with the words excellence, heartwarming, poignant, moving, and iconic. We, of course, are talking about Pixar films which have rightly become a genre in themselves.

The love people share for Pixar films cannot be stressed enough. Their films haven’t just won multiple Oscars, but they’ve also been blockbusters at the box office. From the Toy Story franchise to WALL-E and Up, from Inside Out and The Incredibles to Finding Nemo and Coco, Pixar has constantly pushed the boundaries of what we can expect from an animated movie. As such, it should please any Pixar fanboy or fangirl out there that the innovative studio has just dropped the trailer for Elemental, its newest offering and we are already hooked.

What Is Pixar’s Newest Film Elemental About?


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Pixar’s newest film is titled ‘Elemental’. While we don’t know much about the plot, taking a look at the teaser trailer (and keeping in mind the title) gives a clear idea of what the film might be about. Showcasing an exciting new world which is inhabited by creatures that resemble elements, the trailer focuses on a meet-cute between two such elements – fire and water. Given that fire and water don’t necessarily complement each other, we can already picture the conflict that these characters may have to deal with.

Who is in the cast of Pixar’s Elemental?

While Pixar hasn’t revealed the full voice cast for its 27th film, we do have some clarity on who’ll be playing the leads. Leah Lewis has been cast in the role of Ember Lumen (based on the fire element), while the role of Wade Ripple (based on the water element) is being voiced by Mamoudou Athie.

When is the film set to release?

The release date for the film is set to be June 16, 2023.

Watch Pixar’s Elementa’s Trailer Below:

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Elemental Trailer: Pixar’s New Film Is A Meet-Cute Of Opposing Elements