HBO’s brand new show starring Lily-Rose Depp and the artist formerly known as The Weeknd, premiered yesterday and people had… some thoughts. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions on The Idol.

Before it even premiered, The Idol was already generating a lot of buzz. Aside from the fact that it’s Jennie of Blackpink’s acting debut, it also seemed to continue Euphoria’s shocking in-your-face moments, which is becoming showrunner Sam Levinson’s signature but is also a point of division for audiences. Its early screening at the Cannes Film Festival was reportedly met with a five-minute standing ovation, but at the same time, critics panned the show for its “sleaziness”.

That, of course, has only piqued the interest of the general public who had to wait until yesterday for the first episode to finally drop. Now that it has, Twitter, unsurprisingly, made their feelings known.

Twitter’s reaction to The Idol

The Idol follows a young popstar named Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, who is seeking to make her way back to the top after a heavily publicised breakdown. She runs into a mysterious man named Tedros, played by Abel Tesfaye (formerly The Weeknd), who is a club owner and a cult leader, which is a great combo, and the two start a concerning relationship.

The first episode was filled with nudity, shock value moments, Jennie doing what she does best, and, uh, bodily fluids. While I certainly have a lot to say about the show, I’ll give way to the people of Twitter because it seems that we have the same sentiments.

Here are some of the best reactions to The Idol on Twitter. 

The first episode of The Idol is now streaming on HBO GO… if you dare watch it.

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