Music makes the holiday season extra special. And Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, has a special something for its users — Spotify Wrapped 2022.

An annual account of personalised music tastes, Spotify Wrapped gives a quick but insightful overview of the kind of music users streamed, their favourite artists, top songs, as well as minutes spent replaying them.

It is essentially pure data which Spotify has been releasing since 2016. The streamer breaks the numbers down in a creative and easily understandable way. Users can also share their Spotify Wrapped analytics on social media to let their friends know what they have been streaming through the year.

More about Spotify Wrapped 2022 release

Has Spotify announced the release date?

No, not yet. The music streaming service has been teasing Spotify Wrapped 2022 for a few days now, but has not revealed the date.

On 22 November, Spotify posted an image on its official Twitter account saying that “Your 2022 Wrapped is coming out soon…”

The following day, they put another Spotify Wrapped tweet. It featured GIF of singer-wrapper Lizzo’s hit song “About Damn Time.”

“Turn up the music… it’s almost about damn time for #SpotifyWrapped,” read the text in the tweet.

And yet another tweet followed on 24 November with the text reading, “Our favorite Thanksgiving side dish that has the juice. #SpotifyWrapped.”

One of the five songs that Spotify highlighted in the tweet was “Butter,” Grammy nominated K-pop group BTS’ lead song from their eponymous 2021 album.

Subsequently, users bombarded the comment section in the tweets with queries about the release date.

When did Spotify Wrapped release in the past?

music streaming Wrapped
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Generally, Spotify releases the annual data in early December.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 was released on 1 December. The 2020 edition was released on 2 December and the 2019 one was dropped on 5 December.

Reports have previously suggested that Spotify has stopped tracking user streams around Halloween in 2022 to prepare for the data compilation.

But the official page for Spotify Wrapped on the streaming platform’s site suggests that it might not be so.

“Keep listening to what you love, and we’ll shout when it’s ready,” reads a text on the site, indicating that whatever the users may be listening to could become part of the database.

What to expect from Spotify Wrapped 2022?

Spotify has introduced a series of new and more helpful features for its over 400 million users around the world through 2022. Two of the latest features include a new website to buy concert tickets from Spotify platform and the karaoke mode which lets users sing along to their favourite tracks.

Introducing new features isn’t something Spotify does only for its app; it also extends that to Wrapped. The streamer added in-app quizzes among the new interactive features to Spotify Wrapped in 2021.

As such, Spotify Wrapped 2022 is most likely to get something new — but exactly what those will be can be known only when the snapshot eventually releases.

But whatever new Spotify might throw into the mix in Wrapped 2022, social media is surely going to be abuzz with memes, GIFs and snapshots that users will share — like they did last year.

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Spotify Wrapped 2022: When Is It Coming Out This Year?