Autumn or fall is hailed as one of the most scenic and romantic seasons. A welcome change from the summer’s sweltering heat, the fall symbolises the transition, transformation and end of something, to usher in a new phase. Neither as warm as summers nor as harsh as the winters, this is a perfect season to sip a pumpkin spice latte and travel the world, creating beautiful memories all the while. So, here are the best places to travel in autumn from an astrological point of view.

How does the zodiac influence travel?

Astrology plays a big role in determining whether a person is inclined to travel or not. Amongst the 12 houses of an individual’s birth chart, the numbers nine and 12 determine travel, more specifically foreign travel and settlement. Similarly, every zodiac has innate traits that motivate them to either be bitten by the wanderlust bug or remain bound to their routine.

The three sun signs of the fall are Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. While Libra is a cardinal air sign, it occurs at the start of this season. Scorpio is a fixed water sign which stays during the fall while Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that represents the change of the season from autumn to winter. The diverse modalities, elements and personality traits of these three sun signs influence the vibe when travelling with other zodiacs travel during this period.

Even though the most popular season for going on a holiday has been summer, travelling in autumn has a unique vibe and beauty associated with it. Zodiac signs’ destination choices during the fall are influenced by the charming airiness of Libra, the intensity of Scorpio and the adventurous attitude of Sagittarius.

Best places to travel in autumn according to zodiacs

Aries: Switzerland

best places to travel in autumn
Image credit: Aliunix/Unsplash

This popular European destination transforms into a dreamy fairyland during the early fall. Romantic, luxe and extravagant, this destination speaks directly to the flamboyant Aries. This cardinal fire sign will feel quite at home while going on hiking trails and immersing themselves in the views of the magnificent yellow-orange foliage, as well as the clear vistas while breathing the crisp mountain air during their fall vacation.

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Taurus: Dubai

best places to travel in autumn
Image credit: Christoph Schulz/Unsplash

Futuristic and uber-luxurious, Dubai offers the fanciest and bespoke experiences to this fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money. Taurus, represented by a celestial bull, loves self-indulgence and treats themselves to indulgent activities like a spa day, couture shopping excursions and fine dining.

Symbolised by the bull, Taureans can splurge on themselves and their loved ones and spend time like a royal here. Plus, the autumn months are warm. This destination is, hence, perfect for the luxury-loving fixed sign.

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Gemini: Austria

travel in autumn
Image credit: Katerina Kerdi/Unsplash

Quaint, charming and breathtakingly beautiful with picture-postcard views, Austria is a dreamland fall getaway for the sociable, active and enterprising Gemini. This air sign denoted by The Twins represents duality in the zodiac. They are full of ideas and want to explore a myriad of things all at once.

Hence, Austria is the best place for them to implement their travel ideas alone or with friends. They can go biking and hiking or prefer to just slow down a bit to take in the calm, cool, historic and romantic vibe of the place.

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Cancer: France

travel in autumn
Image credit: Anthony DELANOIX/Unsplash

Sensitive, this water sign of the zodiac detests anything superficial. Ruled by the moon, which is symbolic of love and emotion, Cancerians are essentially homebodies. Depicted by crabs, they cherish time with their loved ones and are not the ones to jet across from place to place in search of excitement. Thus, France provides them with equal opportunities if they choose to soak in its history and culture or be away from the hustle-bustle of a city or unwind in the woods amidst the hills.

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Leo: North America

best places to travel in autumn
Image credit: Joe Caione/Unsplash

This fire sign denoted by the lion is warm-hearted, loud, gregarious and regal in its disposition. Ruled by the Sun, they are beacons of optimism and hate anything that is even remotely bleak, dark, dull or uninteresting. There is no better destination than the United States of America for the stars of the zodiac. Why, you ask? North America provides Leo with an array of experiences at places, ranging from Los Angeles to New Mexico, the choices are limitless.

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Virgo: Ireland

travel in autumn
Image credit: Tetyana Kovyrina/Pexels

Dublin, Belfast, Galway…almost the entire Ireland is scenically decked in golden leaves during early and mid-October. This season is best known for going on road trips to the countryside to take in the cool breeze and beautiful views. The perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgo, would be quite at home here as this sign, denoted by the Virgin, craves something simple, earthy and timeless. This mutable sign ruled by the planet Mercury will have plenty of activities to do here during autumn which is known as the perfect season to travel across the Irish landscapes.

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Libra: Italy

best places to travel in autumn
Image credit: Alex Dttrch/Pexels

This air sign is dominated by the planet Venus and loves beauty in all forms. One of the best places to travel in autumn for this intelligent and charming sign is Italy. Symbolised by the weighing scale, it serves as an ideal destination because it is neither too cold nor too hot and there are fewer tourists and abundant natural beauty coupled with one of the best wine and dining experiences in the world.

While Rome is known for its fashion and history, Piedmont and Tuscany are known for their delightful gastronomic experiences and harvest festivals. The Italian Alps, Amalfi Coast and The Lakes Region are wonderful for Librans craving to go outdoors.

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Scorpio: Finland

travel in autumn
Image credit: Hert Niks/Pexels

Finnish for the fall is ‘Ruska,’ and it is one of the best seasons to experience the stunning foliage, northern lights, history and culture in the cities, and walk along a quiet trail in a forest. Scorpio, denoted by a scorpion, is the fixed water sign which is known for its intensity and sixth sense. Not a sign to be taken lightly, they care deeply about meaningful associations and experiences. Hence, one of the best places to travel in autumn, Finland would resonate with their passionate spirit.

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Sagittarius: Arizona

travel in autumn
Image credit: Yigithan Bal /Pexels

Outdoorsy and outgoing, this sun sign denoted by the archer is the last of the fire sign and loves to travel the most among all zodiacs. Ruled by the planet of adventure, Jupiter, they are of mutable modality which means that they like to move around a lot and feel stuck if confined to a place for a long time. Hence, Arizona is the most happening place suited for their wandering soul. They can either go for famous hikes suitable for the fall to San Francisco Peaks, Lockett Meadow, Verde Canyon or Boyce Thompson Arboretum and rest in quiet wooden cabins at these places while enjoying the bountiful surrounding nature.

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Capricorn: England

best places to travel in autumn
Image credit: Mike Bird/Pexels

Denoted by a sea-goat and ruled by the planet of discipline, Saturn, Capricorn is an earth sign who likes to stick to its routine and life goals. Even though they don’t particularly enjoy surprises or downtime in general, the unmistakable beauty of the English countryside during autumn will most definitely impress them. Classic autumnal foliage, fires in pubs, travelling fairs which is a tradition of England and, of course, the delectable cuisine, comprising pumpkin pies and root vegetable soups, is exactly how a Capricorn would want to spend their vacation.

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Aquarius: Denmark

travel in autumn
Image credit: Baro/Pexels

This Nordic country is all geared up to welcome visitors in autumn and let travellers explore their local lifestyle, hygge. Denmark in the fall is all about cosy fireplaces, hot cocoa, warm pubs, museum tours and nature trails. This speaks directly to the curious, intelligent and forward-thinking soul of a true blue Aquarian. Governed by the planet Uranus, this fixed sign likes to explore places and things that are beyond ordinary which makes Denmark the ideal destination during the fall the best to visit.

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Pisces: Peru

travel in autumn
Image credit: Marco Palomino/Pexels

The designated water babies of the zodiac, Pisces are calm, reflective and peaceful beings denoted by the twin fishes swimming in opposite directions. Visiting the coast of Peru in the off-season of the fall is perfect for them, as they can indulge in an array of activities without distraction, owing to lesser crowds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can my zodiac sign influence my travel plans for autumn?

Zodiac signs, in general, influence travel among other major aspects of life like career and love. The sun sign, its ruling planet, modality and placement of stars in the birth chart influence travel as well.

Which zodiac signs are likely to enjoy cosy autumn getaways?

Taurus, Libra and Pisces are most likely to enjoy cosy autumn getaways.

Are there specific zodiac signs that might seek adventure during autumn?

Sagittarius would want to seek adventure during their fall vacation.

What are some recommended autumn destinations for water signs?

Paris, Peru and Norway are some recommended destinations for the water signs.

Can my zodiac sign influence my choice of autumn colours and fashion for travel?

Yes, the choice of colours and personal style is greatly influenced by the inherent characteristics and traits each zodiac displays.

Should I consider astrology when planning my autumn travel?

Yes. It is helpful to zero in on fall vacation destinations according to astrology.

Can my zodiac sign affect my preference for urban or rural autumn travel?

Yes, every zodiac sign has peculiar personality traits that influence aspects like urban or rural travel and slow or adventurous travel.

Are there any specific activities or events I should consider based on my zodiac sign for autumn travel?

Fire signs would like to participate in treks, hikes and nature trails or activities like pumpkin picking, traditional fairs and haunted house tours that highlight the autumn spirit. While earth signs would like to indulge in a spa day or maybe rent a cosy wooden villa amidst a forest, water signs would like to slow travel to experience the magnificent autumn foliage.

Are there zodiac signs that might enjoy cultural experiences during autumn travel?

Yes, fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius would enjoy a good cultural experience.

Can astrology help me choose the best travel companions for my autumn trip?

Yes, astrology helps in checking travel compatibility with other zodiacs.

Should I plan my autumn travel based solely on my zodiac sign’s recommendations?

It sure would be helpful to do so to shortlist on best fall destinations, activities and ideal travel companions.

Are there travel apps or resources that provide zodiac-based travel recommendations?

One can try apps like Chani, Nebula, Co-star and Astro Future for astrology-based travel advice.

Can I use astrology to plan a solo autumn retreat that aligns with my zodiac sign’s qualities?

One can try astrology to understand one’s traits and travel accordingly.

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