The Strokes are finally in Bangkok, so we’ve created an itinerary for them based on their best songs.

The Strokes are an American rock band formed in 1998. They’re extremely popular for their indie rock music and their fame has formed in hipster circles all over the US. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that all of The Strokes’ band members are devilishly handsome, and truly manic-pixie-dream-boys.

Their most popular songs include “Last Nite” and “Reptilia,” and we’re hoping that they’ll perform them in Bangkok during their concert on July 18 2023 (for which you can buy tickets here). For before or after the concert, we’ve also crafted an itinerary for what they can get up to while they’re in town. Read on for our itinerary for The Strokes in Bangkok.

An itinerary for The Strokes in Bangkok, based on their best songs

Spend “Last Nite” at Lost in Thaislation

Just like the funky spelling of “night” in this song, you can visit a similarly eccentric sounding bar: Lost in Thaislation. With an interesting concept and occasional guest bartenders, The Strokes will definitely be led through an experience throughout the course of just one “nite” in Bangkok. Serving Thai street food-inspired cocktails, it’ll certainly give the band a welcoming taste to our cuisine, too.

Find out more about Lost in Thaislation on their Instagram

Make “Bad Decisions” on Khao San Road

khao san road
Image Credit: Norbert Braun / Unsplash

Ahh…Khao San Road, infamous for the crowd of bustling tourists, jugs of alcohol, and the frenzied excitement of all the instruments for a wild night out lined up on one road. “Bad Decisions” are abound on this stretch, but so is a lot of fun. The Strokes and their rock n roll lifestyle certainly won’t feel mismatched here.

Get an ice-cold “Juicebox” at Veggieology

 veggieology juicebox
Image Credit: Veggieology / Facebook

The Strokes will be sure to be crooning “you’re so cold” to their Veggieology juice, which is cold-pressed and organic. There’s a variety of fresh juices to choose from (whether you’re more into “Unicorn Milk” juice or a “Level Up!” drink). If they’re looking to save energy, the band could also just relax in Veggieology’s clean, wooden space and soak up all the healthy vibes, especially after listening to the dark, thrumming beats of “Juicebox”.

Find out more at Veggieology.

Spend an “Eternal Summer” at the Sky Beach at The Standard

Image Credit: Sky Beach / Facebook

While The Strokes are in Bangkok, they can get all the summer beach vibes they need paired with the beautiful skyline of the city at the Sky Beach bar at The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon hotel. A rooftop bar decked out in yellow and white summer tones, along with the warm glowing light reminiscent of summer sand…it’s the perfect place to spend an entertaining endless summer.

Find out more at Sky Beach.

Start “Trying Your Luck” at the Hero City Game Center in MBK 

hero city the strokes
Image Credit: Hero City / Facebook

Who doesn’t love arcade machines? The thrill right before the big win, the quick glance around the machines to see which one you’d be the best at, bright fluorescent lighting, and all of the possible toys and prizes you can win. While The Strokes are in Bangkok, they can really try their luck with the variety of games offered at Hero City arcade in MBK.

Find out more at Hero City. 

[Featured Image and Hero Image Credit: The Strokes/Facebook]

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