Are you looking to indulge in the most sumptuous tofu-based dishes in all of Bangkok’s vegan and vegetarian restaurants? Welcome to our Meatless Monday series. In this bi-weekly column of ours, we spotlight vegetarian and/or vegan dishes and places available around Thailand. Herbivores, we intend to keep you updated with all the plant-based offerings in town. Omnivores, we encourage you to go meatless at least once a week — especially on Mondays, if you don’t already. 

Whilst it’s important to take care of yourself, it’s equally important to take care of the planet. For this edition, we’re spotlighting the best savoury tofu dishes served in Bangkok’s well-known and hidden vegetarian restaurants. As tofu is one of the most common staples for vegetarian foods and desserts, there are some wildly creative adaptations imposed upon this nutritious ingredient. Calling out all tofu fans: here are multiple dishes of different cuisines that incorporate tofu as the star of the recipe.

The best tofu dishes in Bangkok you need to try

[Hero image credit: Sherman Kwan/Unsplash; featured image credit: Vistro Bangkok]

This story first appeared in Lifestyle Asia Bangkok

New York Egg Mayo Sandwich at Carrots: The Vegan Bistro
New York Egg Mayo Sandwich at Carrots: The Vegan Bistro

Everything at Carrots is just adorable, from its name to its dishes. Amongst the western menu items offered at the cafe, Carrots’s take on tofu comes in the form of a sandwich. This New York Egg Mayo Sandwich has a generous filling of scrambled tofu with tomatoes stuffed between charcoal buns. Served on the side are crispy potato wedges, rocket leaves, and baked beans.

Carrots: The Vegan Bistro is located in Thong Lor.

[Image credit: Carrots: The Vegan Bistro]

Tofu Satay Skewers at Golden State Vegan
Tofu Satay Skewers at Golden State Vegan

Japanese-California-style restaurant Golden State is a great place that offers vegan and plant-based dishes. Come for the vibes and stay for the food, especially the appetiser Tofu Satay Skewers. Skewers of peanut-crusted tofu are drizzled with the house’s special satay sauce and served with a classic Asian vinaigrette salad. While you’re here, the vegan sushi is worth a try as well.

Golden State Vegan is located in Ekkamai.

[Image credit: Golden State Vegan]

The Japanese Medley Soba at Plantiful
The Japanese Medley Soba at Plantiful

This dish full of colours and nutrients is the Japanese Medley Soba. As simple as it looks, it is a delicious classic that we’re willing to enjoy every day. Served with Plantiful’s house-made citrus-lime ponzu sauce, the dish sees an arrangement of buckwheat soba, Japanese pumpkin, spinach, radish, tofu, edamame, wakame and pickled radish. A Japanese-inspired everyday lunch.

Plantiful is located in Soi Sukhumvit 61.

[Image credit: Plantiful]

Larb Tao Hu at Broccoli Revolution
Larb Tao Hu at Broccoli Revolution

Broccoli Revolution has a range of feisty Thai menu items, and one that you should not miss is the Thai Larb Tao Hu or larb tofu. This Northeastern Thai dish is basically tofu and mushroom cooked in a spicy dressing. A solid proof that a plant-based menu doesn’t mean bland and flavourless.

Broccoli Revolution is located in front of Soi Sukhumvit 49.

[Image credit: Broccoli Revolution]

Tofu Teriyaki at Kappra Cafe
Tofu Teriyaki at Kappra Cafe

This cute cafe in Khlong San is more than just a cafe, it also provides a fabric studio and workshop space for health, fashion, and self-care-related topics. With the aim to foster the nearby community, Kappra Cafe welcomes all customers with amiable service, a homey setting, and, most importantly, scrumptious and planet-friendly food. The best-seller is the Tofu Teriyaki, featuring marinated tofu, edamame, seaweed and house-made Spicy Island sauce packed on either a sourdough open-faced sandwich or inside a whole wheat kati roll wrap.

Kappra Cafe is located on Tha Din Daeng Road.

[Image credit: Kappra Cafe]

Tokyo Taco at Vistro Bangkok
Tokyo Taco at Vistro Bangkok

We all know how Vistro is one of the go-tos for your plant-based food fix, featuring all cuisines whether Asian, Western, fusion or anything in between. Tofu lovers will not want to miss the Tokyo Taco, a match-made-in-heaven of grilled tofu, spicy Sriracha mayo and crispy tempura seaweed shells. With the combination of textures and flavours, there’s no reason not to love these tiny bites.

Vistro Bangkok is located in Soi Sukhumvit 24.

[Image credit: Vistro Bangkok]

Eggssistential Crisis at Eat.Co Bangkok
Eggssistential Crisis at Eat.Co Bangkok

Coming all the way from Koh Phangan, it hasn’t been too long since Eat.Co opened its second branch in Bangkok. To encourage diners to eat consciously, the restaurant prepares a range of menus from western-style burgers to Asian rice bowls. One of the popular tofu dishes here is the breakfast Eggsistential Crisis, which consists of tofu fried with kale, onions, and Omnipork bacon served on toast. The dish can also be made gluten-free upon request.

Eat.Co Bangkok is located near Phrom Phong.

[Image credit: Eat.Co Bangkok]