If you’re a watch aficionado, don’t miss Blancpain’s first-ever pop-up store in Thailand. 

Originating back to 1735, Blancpain is history’s oldest surviving watchmaking manufacturer. From adhering to their top-tier craftsmanship, continuous innovations, strict standards, and over 280 years of experience, it is no wonder why they remain one of the world’s most respected watchmakers. However, despite not having their own stand-alone shop in Thailand, Blancpain’s pop-up marks its very first steps. 

[All images courtesy of Blancpain]

Thailand’s first-ever Blancpain pop-up store

Until November 28, 2023, Blancpain has opened it’s first-ever pop-up store in Thailand at Central Embassy, level G. Under the theme of ‘There is Eternity in Every Blancpain,’ the shop showcases four stunning key watch collections. 

Within the pop-up store, the areas are divided into four sections. Each zone is dedicated to presenting watches from each distinguished collection: ‘Villeret’ symbolising Earth, ‘Fifty Fathoms’ embodying water, ‘Air Command’ representing air, and ‘Ladybird’ epitomising fire. Throughout the store, you can see how each timepiece has its own spell-binding identity and design that genuinely captivates one’s attention. For instance, the Ladybird collection is absolutely gorgeous. The event introduced summer-inspired Ladybird colours that had a refreshing design. Whether it is the mother-of-pearl dial, the rainbow-hued hour markets, or the diamonds set, one can tell that Blancpain’s timepieces are the epitome of luxury watchmaking. 

However, the spotlight was the Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 2: Tech Gombessa. This cutting-edge model was crafted due to the demands of modern diving. The watch was also a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the Fifty Fathoms and a decade of collaboration between Blancpain and Laurent Ballesta, a professional diver. Designed for long-duration deep dives, it is without a doubt that this timepiece has unmatched technical prowess and is only worn by the best. 

Blancpain Pop-Up Store opens daily from 11 AM until 7:30 PM. It is located on Level G at Central Embassy from today until November 28, 2023. For further information, please call +66 62 245 9602 or visit Blancpain’s website here

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